The Top 10 Programming Languages in 2021

Alexandra Kenney | Wednesday, March 31, 2021

The Top 10 Programming Languages in 2021

Almost everyone uses a computer at some point each day, and new programs, websites and applications are in high demand. Increased fraud rates have also increased the need for programmers to improve security.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that there were 213,900 computer programmers in 2019. If you plan to or already work in this industry using top training brands such as AWS, IBM, VMware, or others, it’s vital to keep your skills up to date, and part of that means familiarizing yourself with the top programming languages in 2021.

Top Programming Languages in 2021

Every month, the TIOBE Programming Community index (known as the TIOBE index) publishes a monthly list of the most popular programming languages. Ratings are calculated by measuring each language's frequency of use by third-party vendors and computer engineers. The index also includes languages taught in computer science and engineering programs, and includes popular search engines in rating calculation.

The following programming languages comprise the TIOBE index’s top 10 for February 2021. Use this list as a reference to ensure your skills remain relevant.

1. C

C is one of the most portable and efficient assembly languages. It closely matches the hardware language, which makes it easy to use with most processor architectures. Thus, many libraries, compilers and other programming language interpreters use C. Other languages, such as Python, PHP and Ruby, use C to write their primary implementations.

Programmers write intermediate C code instead of using machine code for each architecture, and the C compiler then generates the machine code.

Most popular databases are coded in C and may combine with C++. It's often used in social networks, government, health, financial, internet and more.

2. Java

Java is most often used in internet-based applications but it also has the ability to run on multiple platforms. This programming language has become popular because it is object-oriented and portable.

First, Java source code is compiled to create binary bytecode, making Java both a compiled and an interpreted language.

Java has security features to protect PCs running Java from code errors and viruses, so harmful applets aren’t able to access hard drives or network connections.

3. Python

Many experts describe Python as the best programming language to learn first. Among the most popular programming languages, this general-purpose language for coding works in many types of software development. Examples include system scripts, back-end development, web development and data science.

Python is the go-to language for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) applications. AI- and ML-driven systems are beneficial for market analysis, design, manufacturing, delivery and support.

4. C++

Often considered a mid-level programming language, C++ supports object-oriented procedural and generic programming. This language has a large codebase, including variables, data types, literals and more.

Programmers and developers often use C++ in application domains. They can create high-performance applications using its cross-platform language. C++ provides programmers with significant control over memory and system resources. You’ll find C++ in operating systems, embedded systems and graphical user interfaces.

5. C#

C and C++ characteristics were used to create the modern C# language, which performs many tasks and processes involving different niches, and is becoming more popular among web-based application developers.

The core concepts of C# allow developers to build interactive environments and include functionalities needed for dynamic web platforms. Many full-stack developers choose C# as their preferred programming language.

6. Visual Basic

Programmers use Visual Basic (VB) for software interfaces and coding user-friendly graphic interfaces. VB enables developers to quickly create windows-based applications and it allows programmers use ActiveX controls and other objects in database development. VB is a great language choice for game developers as well.

7. JavaScript

The text-based JavaScript language works on both the client and server side, so many consider it to be the best programming language for interactive web development.

JavaScript creates functionality for search boxes, embedding videos or refreshing social media feeds. It enhances the webpage user’s experience by adding “behavior” to the page.

8. PHP

Originally, PHP was the acronym for Personal Home Page. Over time, however, its meaning changed to Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is an open-source scripting language that automates tasks. It works on the server side to develop static and dynamic websites, and is also used in creating web applications.

Yet, PHP scripts only work with PHP installed servers. Client computers only need a web browser to access PHP scripts. It's able to connect with Oracle, MySQL and other databases.

Many operating systems (OS) use PHP scripts, including Unix, Microsoft Windows, Linus, Solaris and MAC OS. This allows web developers to decide which web servers and OSs they wish to use.

9. SQL

Relational databases use SQL (Structured Query Language) as the standard language. It’s able to organize and manage data in systems that use data relationships. Today, many applications, including those on the web, rely on foundational databases.

10. Assembly Language

Assembly language is known as a low-level programming language. Computers have an assembler that converts assembly code into executable machine code. This language’s intent is to help users understand the code and solve coding issues.

Assembly language contains mnemonic processor data and other instructions. C and C++ source code is used to create this language.

Programmers often use this code because it provides a human-readable language. Machine language is a series of numbers that makes it hard to read and make corrections, so assembly language gives the developer more control.

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