Continuous Cycle of Service and IT Training

Your company continually revolutionizes the way it conducts business with new technologies to enhance the customer experience and streamline processes for employees. But as your technology changes, so must the skills of the people who operate it. And that necessitates a continuous cycle of IT training.

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While it may seem as if you can just deploy a technology and take an IT course that goes with it, it’s not that simple. There may be dozens of courses to choose from for any one role, and more than one course may be needed to satisfy company objectives. You’re often better off working with a company consultant who can help you attain better value by developing courses customized specifically for your IT needs.

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When choosing courses your IT professionals need, you need to understand their roles and job duties, the skills they need to learn, and the company objectives for your technologies. Otherwise, employees may spend time learning skills they don’t need, and they may miss out on those they do. ExitCertified relieves the burden of your having to speak with IT leaders and discover needed skills, choose the right courses, and follow up with management to ensure success. We do that for you — again and again — creating a continuous cycle of service and IT training. It all starts with an initial consultation.

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Initial Consultation  

Our subject matter experts who have years of experience working in IT consult with you and your leaders to fully understand your technology, skills, skills gap and short- and long-term goals. We interview you and a variety of department managers, system administrators and developers to understand various departmental goals, the IT systems and tools you have in place, your most pressing projects and your team’s current skill sets. To pinpoint your skill gaps, we interview IT managers and team leads and survey your IT employees.    

Training Roadmap

After assessing your needs, timeline, skills and skill gaps, we create a training roadmap to help you meet your objectives. As an example, below is a diagram of a training roadmap we created for a large financial organization that wanted to retrain a number of employees to become machine learning (ML) practitioners in AWS. Most team members were experienced developers but not in Python, their ML language of choice. We selected offerings from their existing eLearning provider to build a blended training plan that included introductory eLearning and assessments followed by customized Python and Data Science training, using examples from their own industry. The roadmap culminated in two AWS vendor-authorized instructor-led training courses.

Training Roadmap Example

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ExitCertified provides IT training courses for all your needs, including emerging open-source technologies, to help teams rapidly acquire new skills. Whether teaching in-person or virtually, instructors clearly see their students, engage with them and encourage them to ask questions during class, as well as any time after course completion.

While all our instructors have years of real-world work experience in IT and may work as consultants or may be employed in the field as developers, administrators or contractors, they spend up to 75% of their work time teaching courses. They spend the rest of their work hours — at least 25% — learning new courses and updates to courses they teach. That’s important as IT vendors continually add new offerings.

Our full-time company award-winning instructors have taught IT courses for an average of 17 years, have an average of 27 years of practical IT experience, and have served as consultants for an average of 15 years. They undergo rigorous teacher training to ensure students comprehend and retain the course knowledge and practical skills. ExitCertified students report 96% satisfaction with instructor presentation and 97% satisfaction with instructor expertise.  

Modes of Training

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ExitCertified provides five different ways to receive training:

  • Live training at a customer location
  • Live training in a single ExitCertified training center (with locations across the United States and Canada)
  • Virtual training via Live Virtual platform, a two-way high-quality audio and video system with a dedicated producer to make students feel as if they are actually there in the classroom with the trainer and other students
  • Hybrid live training delivered in one training center that other locations can connect with online
  • Self-paced or on-demand training, which may be a recorded video of a class or a multimedia experience

consultation icon  Follow Up Consultations

After your IT professionals complete a training course with us, we consult with you again to confirm that your students met their learning objectives. If needed, we provide after-class labs and instructor support. We review with you the feedback on the course we received from the students, any skill gaps the trainer may have discovered while working with your students, as well as ways we can help you close those gaps. The follow-up is also an opportunity to discuss any areas you may need assistance with.

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Why Choose ExitCertified for your IT Training and Certification  

ExitCertified, a Tech Data company, is a leading provider of technology training for IT professionals, enterprises and government agencies. With a focus on providing superior customer service, ExitCertified forms long-term relationships with its customers, many of whom have been with us for more than a decade. We offer companies a wide range of savings plans, and our training courses provide students with access to a wide pool of technology experts. That means if instructors don’t know the answers to questions that have been asked about any technology, even if it is one they are not teaching, they can speak with any of our other instructors or the vendors themselves to deliver answers.    

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Numerous Awards

In business for more than 20 years, ExitCertified is consistently recognized by training partners for its quality training services. ExitCertified has won training partner awards from AWS, ForgeRock, IBM, VMware, Red Hat, Veeam, SAP, Oracle and Cloudera, demonstrating excellence in vendor-approved technology training delivery. 

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Ensure your training and certification path is ready for your needs

Right now, you can schedule a complimentary conversation with ExitCertified. We can discuss your training requirements and certification goals, explore the possibility of an organizational IT skills assessment and delve into specific courses you might be interested in. These focused calls include insights and guidance from several experienced industry experts, including success managers and subject matter experts.

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