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ForgeRock® Identity Gateway Essentials (On Demand)

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  • Course Code IG-100-OD
  • Duration 3 hours
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This course provides a high-level overview of ForgeRock® Identity Gateway (IG) so you can get started with the fundamentals of IG.

Skills Gained

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe the core mechanisms of IG
  • Describe IG Studio
  • Describe how IG protects applications with authentication
  • Describe how IG controls access to applications with authorization
  • Understand the role of IG when protecting REST APIs
  • Understand the role of IG when protecting microservices

Who Can Benefit

The following are the target audiences for this course:

  • Evaluators
  • System Integrators
  • System Consultants
  • System Architects
  • System Administrators

Course Details

Module 1: Introducing IG Core Concepts

Explain at a high level the core concepts around how IG works:

  • Introduce IG core concepts
  • Explain how IG functions as a reverse proxy
  • Describe IG routes and conditions
  • Explain the role of IG filters
  • Explain the role of IG handlers
  • Demonstrate IG core concepts

Module 2: Presenting IG Studio

Present the IG Freeform Designer:

  • Introduce IG Studio
  • Demonstrate the IG Freeform Designer

Module 3: Protecting a Web Application with IG Authentication

Describe the use cases and IG tools used to implement authentication for a web application integrated with IG:

  • Introduce IG authentication
  • Explain how to integrate a legacy application
  • Describe the AM service
  • Describe how to protect a web application with AM
  • Describe authentication with federated identity providers
  • Demonstrate how to provide authentication to web applications using IG

Module 4: Protecting a Web Application with IG Authorization

Describe the use cases and IG tools used to implement access control for a web application integrated with IG:

  • Introduce IG authorization
  • Control access with IG
  • Demonstrate how to control and extend access

Module 5: Protecting REST APIs

Describe the use cases and IG tools used to protect REST APIs:

  • Introduce API security
  • Describe how IG can control access to REST APIs
  • Explain throttling
  • Present enhanced API security

Module 6: Protecting Microservices

Describe the IG tools used to protect microservices.:

  • Introduce microservices security
  • Deploy IG as a microgateway
  • Present Token Validation Microservices
  • Demonstrate token swapping in the microgateway context

How do I find a specific topic in a course video?

All On Demand training videos have searchable lessons so you can find the answers you need in a hurry.

Is the content in On Demand training the same as in a live classroom?

Yes, Enjoy the same quality content found in our live classrooms, with the same hands-on labs.

Is the training vendor certified?

Yes, All ExitCertified On Demand course content is vendor certified.

It would be better if the classroom had two power point screens so the instructor could have two screens shown to the class at the same time to reduce confusion switching back and forth

I was very satisfied about how the course was organized. Sean Did a very good work

The class covered the concepts needed for the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification.

Great and very intuitive. Better than the traditional hit the wrong button/lose points.

Very good couse and again we would like to see more videos on removing FRUs

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