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If you're looking for IBM Maximo training in North America, look no further.  ExitCertified offers a range of Maximo instructor-led, virtual and self-paced modalities. Learn more about Maximo Asset Management, System Administration and Development. Check out our classes so you can make the most of your IBM investment. View the categories below for more information about our class schedules.

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IBM Maximo Training

In recent years, IBM Maximo has become an integral part of business operations. It assists with numerous tasks and allows users to keep better track of their assets. But what is IBM Maximo? More specifically, what is Maximo software used for? Here’s a quick overview of this software and what it has to offer:

  • IBM Maximo is an enterprise asset management software developed by IBM.
  • It helps organizations efficiently manage their assets, including physical equipment, facilities, vehicles, and infrastructure.
  • Maximo allows businesses to optimize asset performance and improve overall operational efficiency. 
  • The software offers a centralized system to capture and track asset information, maintenance schedules, and more. 
  • It provides a user-friendly interface that presents decision-makers with a comprehensive view of their assets for more informed decision-making.
 By leveraging Maximo, organizations can streamline their maintenance operations and create and manage work orders. The software also facilitates efficient inventory management so that users can more easily track their materials.  The benefits of IBM Maximo include the following:
  • Streamlined maintenance operations and work order management. 
  • Efficient inventory management and tracking of spare parts. 
  • Comprehensive asset lifecycle management. 
  • Mobile accessibility for technicians and field workers. 
  • Robust reporting and analytics capabilities. 
  • Enhanced asset performance and uptime. 
  • Improved operational efficiency and cost reduction. 
ExitCertified offers 33 Maximo training courses ranging from Asset Management Fundamentals to Visual Inspection. With both instructor-led and self-paced options available, ExitCertified allows users to complete critical certification requirements in a flexible, convenient way.

How Much Does Maximo Training Cost?

Maximo developer and consultant salaries vary depending on experience, skills, and location. On average, a Maximo developer in the United States could expect a salary in the range of $85,000 to $105,000 annually, whereas a consultant could expect between $90,000 to $120,000. 

Investing in Maximo training and certification can significantly boost a professional's earning potential. But how much does Maximo training cost, and is the return on investment worth it? Some Maximo certification training courses are offered for free, while other materials can be purchased for several hundreds or even thousands of dollars. 

Ultimately, for those that are serious about pursuing a career in Maximo development or consulting, the skills acquired are well worth the cost of training. Completing training material through ExitCertified is a great way for learners to move at their own pace while demonstrating proficiency in critical areas in IBM Maximo. 

IBM All Portfolio Subscriptions

Single Digital Basic

$3,495 USD | $4,495 CAD

  • 6 Digital Courses
  • 3 SPVC’s & 3 WBT’s
  • Hands-on Labs or Videos
  • 24/7 Access to Learning
  • All portfolio

Digital Expanded

$11,995 USD | $14,995 CAD

  • 15 Digital Courses
  • 10 SPVC’s & 5 WBT’s
  • Hands-on Labs or Videos
  • 24/7 Access to Learning
  • All portfolio

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Students can take IBM Digital Online training anytime within the year and enroll in the self-paced virtual classes they want, when they have time to study. An IBM Learning Subscription Standard is the smart way to refresh your technical skills, without the hassle of scheduling time away to attend live classes. Get IBM authorized training on your terms—choose one of our IBM Learning Subscriptions!

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Features of IBM Learning Subscription Standard

Self-Paced Digital Learning

Courses are offered in convenient learning modules allowing you to consume training topics on a schedule that works for you.

Same Course Content as What’s Delivered in the Classroom

Can’t find the time to attend classroom training? SPVC courses provide online access to technical skills training, just like the classroom version, only you get to study at your own pace.

Access from Anywhere

You can access your training courses from anywhere in US and Canada – home, office, cottage - All you need is a connection to the internet.

Hands-on Labs

SPVC courses allows you to work with the software in a hosted environment, so you can practice your skills online.

How Does my IBM Learning Subscription Work?

Once you purchase the IBM Learning Subscription Standard package, you will receive an IBM ELSS account number by email. You must use this account number each time you enroll in any IBM SPVC or WBT course. Choose from topic /category, select the Self-Paced filter and pick your course. Proceed to checkout, remembering to add your IBM Learning Subscription Standard account number in the “Flex” payment method field.

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Important Notes About IBM Learning Subscription Standard

  • Subscriptions may only be accessed from the United States and Canada
  • Subscriptions are limited to enterprise and corporate users
  • The Subscription is subject to Fair Usage for each single named Authorized User
  • Access is limited to 12 SPVCs and 6 WBTs per subscription period
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