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Build expertise and advance your career with Azure training. As an authorized Microsoft Learning Partner, ExitCertified delivers a complete training portfolio of Microsoft Azure Courses in North America through instructor-led classroom and virtual training. Whether you are new to Azure or a cloud professional looking to skill up across platforms, we offer courses teaching you everything from the fundamentals to implementation and how to architect Azure solutions. You’ll learn the skills needed to become an expert and certify on Microsoft Cloud Solutions.

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Azure, Microsoft's cloud computing platform, has gained immense popularity among organizations. With its broad range of services, professionals need to have the right skills and knowledge to work efficiently with the platform. That's where Azure training and certification paths come in. Azure training and certification help professionals build expertise and validate their skills, which is vital for career growth and professional development. With an Azure certification, professionals can demonstrate their competency in specific job roles and showcase their proficiency in working with Azure. This can lead to better job prospects, higher salaries, and increased credibility. Microsoft offers several learning paths for professionals who are preparing for Azure certification. A Microsoft Azure certification path provides a comprehensive and structured approach to learning Azure, covering various Azure services and job roles.

The Azure Fundamentals learning path is ideal for beginners and provides an overview of cloud computing and Azure services. It covers topics such as cloud concepts, Azure architecture, Azure pricing and support, and security, privacy, and compliance in Azure. This learning path includes free self-paced online courses, hands-on labs, and quizzes.

The Azure Learning Path for Developers is designed for professionals who want to build and deploy Azure applications. This learning path covers topics such as developing Azure compute solutions, developing Azure storage solutions, and implementing Azure security. It includes self-paced online courses, instructor-led courses, and hands-on labs.

The Azure Administrator Associate learning path is suitable for professionals who want to become Azure administrators. This learning path covers topics such as managing Azure subscriptions and resources, implementing and managing storage, and deploying and managing Azure compute resources. It includes self-paced online courses, instructor-led courses, and hands-on labs.

The Azure Developer Associate learning path is ideal for professionals who want to develop and deploy Azure solutions. This learning path covers topics such as developing Azure compute solutions, developing Azure storage solutions, and implementing Azure security. It includes self-paced online courses, instructor-led courses, and hands-on labs

.Apart from all the learning paths, Microsoft Learn offers a range of Azure certification courses and modules covering various Azure services and job roles. These Microsoft certification courses are self-paced and include hands-on labs and quizzes. They are free and accessible to anyone who wants to learn about Azure and prepare for Azure certification.

Why Microsoft Certifications Matter

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There are many reasons why you should get a Microsoft Certification, here are the top reasons why:

  • Microsoft Certifications are globally recognized for excellence and they reflect today’s cloud-centric jobs.
  • Certified individuals report a 20% salary increase.
  • Microsoft Certification on a resume helps you stand out, and spend less time interviewing.
  • Certification can help you demonstrate your proficiency when working through complex tasks.
  • Microsoft certified developers are 90% more productive than their peers and 60% more efficient. Certification provides an immediate impact!
  • You don’t have to accumulate 10 years of experience before you get a high paying job instead you can move ahead of the fold because MS certification is a validation of your Microsoft body of knowledge.
  • In a cut-throat competitive IT world, the words “Microsoft Certification and Training” matter!

Microsoft Azure Role-Based Certification

Microsoft Azure role-based Certification gives professionals the opportunity to learn and build skills that are better aligned to their job roles and experience. The Azure certifications are a badge of honor, designed to recognize the skills and knowledge you’ve acquired to successfully work on an Azure platform.

Microsoft Azure Learning and Certification Paths

The role-based certifications, include varying levels ( Fundamentals, Associate, and Expert). IT professionals and developers are using Microsoft Azure to build careers as a cloud administrator, cloud architect, cloud specialist, cloud engineer, network system administrator, and as a computer network specialist. These are just a few of the career options.

What learning path you take will be dependent upon the role you have in your company and your depth of knowledge. If you have doubts on what area that you should be taking, it is worthwhile to check out the Azure learning path guide.

How do you get started with Microsoft Training?

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Looking to get Microsoft Certification training but don’t know where to start? Lucky for you, there’s more than one way to get started. Microsoft Certifications program opens many paths to new careers and skillsets, some of which don’t cost much. You can start off with MTA (Microsoft Technology Associate) or if you are a seasoned professional you can go straight to MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate) or MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert).

Whether you are preparing for Microsoft Professional Certification, or require training for new cloud-based products like Azure, or Windows Server-ExitCertified has the Microsoft training to get your networks, applications and services cloud-ready.

How ExitCertified Helps You Learn, Prepare and Practice for Microsoft Certifications

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  • Our classes are taught by accredited Microsoft trainers who come with real-world expertise
  • Dedicated Microsoft team to guide and to help you choose the right path
  • Extensive list of Guaranteed to Run Classes
  • As a Microsoft Learning Partner, we only use official Microsoft training material
  • We continuously evaluate and refresh course materials to reflect the latest Microsoft training courses and best practices
  • Test and Practice your Microsoft learning through lab-run workshops
  • We deliver a sophisticated learning environment with a fully equipped infrastructure that supports virtual and in-house training