AWS Training Days

With AWS Training Days, the more you train the more you save. Gain the flexibility to train your team or organization with authorized AWS courses—available in-class or online. 

AWS training days

Why choose AWS Training Days?

  • You have up to 12 months to use your training days, making it possible to consume training as and when needed
  • You can use AWS Training Days for a team, department or organization with complete control — whether you need to train hundreds of employees with one day of training or need to certify a smaller group of employees through multiple courses
  • AWS Training Days offer the ideal solution for an organization that knows they have AWS training requirements but needs guidance on which courses or formats would help them achieve their training goals
  • The more AWS Training Days purchased, the more significant the discount for your organization
  • AWS Training Days can be used for both public schedule training and private group training

aws training vouchers

Why ExitCertified for AWS:

*AWS Training Days are available to purchase directly from ExitCertified. There is no minimum number of days to purchase; we recommend planning for your organization's requirements for 12 months at the time of purchase.

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