5 Things Enterprises Should Look for in an IT Training Company

Enterprises have different IT training needs than other organizations. Due to their size, complexities, and objectives, enterprises face more challenges, making for more complex decision-making when looking for an IT training company.

To overcome these challenges, we’ve put together five things enterprises should look for when considering doing business with an IT training company.

One:  Quality of Instructors

Enterprises have loads of IT team members who need to understand thoroughly what it takes for them to accomplish their jobs in the most efficient and effective manner. Instructors often hear students say that they learned something in class that would have saved them hours compared to the way they had been doing things in the past.

As well as being experts in the subjects they teach, the best instructors are passionate about teaching and are great at simplifying complex concepts. To know the quality of the instructors, look online to see how students have rated them and what awards they’ve won.

Two: Quality of Course Materials:

To train IT professionals well, instructors need high-quality training materials. The organizations that make the software ensure that their training materials are up to date and include the skills that they consider to be most important. No software trainer has time to teach all the ways to use software, but the creators of the software ensure that their lessons contain the information and skills they find to be most valuable. Also, vendors often update software weekly or monthly, and they ensure their vendor-authorized instructors receive notice of the latest updates so that that they are included in the training materials.

Three: A Choice of Public or Custom Courses

Standard public courses that you choose from a course directory are great to give students well-rounded knowledge and skills. But the topics might not align precisely with your company’s needs. A public course consisting of 12 different main topics might not be the best choice for a company that only needs to learn about five of them.

Sometimes it’s best to work with a training company that can create private custom courses precisely for your needs. That means that a course that typically would take five days in a standard public group training session could be completed in only three days. When a private group training session is being planned, non-relevant topics can be removed. For example, two courses can be combined into a single session to optimize the time and potentially the money you spend as well. 

Four: A Consultative Practice for Enterprises

It’s chaotic trying to understand and implement all that is needed to train your various IT teams. Sometimes companies will enroll employees in one course when another would have been better suited for them. Keeping up with everyone’s skill sets and needs can be complex and time consuming. An IT training company that provides consultative services offer objective advice on your training strategy and implementation and can bring valuable insights that help you reach your business goals.   

Five: A Continuous Relationship with the Training Company

Job roles, responsibilities, and technology constantly change, especially at enterprises where there are so many more people and systems. Training strategies and roadmaps constantly evolve, putting a big burden on Learning and Development teams and IT leaders. When you work with an IT training company that offers hundreds of instructor-led courses, you don’t have to continually search for a training company that teaches the next course you need.

A company like ExitCertified that has been in business more than 20 years can work with you to get you the training you need today and in the future.

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