The Top 20 Highest-Paying IT Certifications in 2022

Alexandra Kenney | Wednesday, January 26, 2022

The Top 20 Highest-Paying IT Certifications in 2022

It’s probably not news to you that IT certifications are a steppingstone to better pay. That fact alone is reason enough to look into IT training courses. So, if your main goal today is simply to boost your salary, you can scroll down this page right now to get right to this year’s top 20 money-making certifications. But wait. You’re probably thinking about your career prospects over the longer term, as well. In that case, you’ll want to know about some other benefits of IT training courses that lead to IT certifications. 

To begin, IT certifications enable you to take advantage of today’s worldwide shortage of credentialed IT talent. For all the years of talking about a digital transformation, many organizations are still struggling with making that transformation happen. The global move to the cloud is happening in fits and starts, and the results aren’t always living up to the expectations of corporate leadership. But with an IT certification, you have credible, recognized proof of the professional competency that isn’t necessarily available in all the places it’s needed. The cloud is growing rapidly in functionality and sophistication, and the gap in ability between those with and without IT certifications is becoming wider all the time. To understand the implications of closing that gap for yourself, let’s review some recent statistics.

To keep up with developments in technologies, employees and job candidates continually have to learn new skills. Learning on the job is slow, and people often only learn enough to get by, missing the best tips and tricks knowledgeable high-quality instructors provide that save companies hours of time. The fastest way to advance your knowledge and career is by taking a training class that ultimately provides you with obtaining one or more of the most valuable IT certifications. 

The Benefits of an IT Certification

The most valuable IT certifications help employees land promotions in their current role and help job seekers find new work. One of the best ways to grow your career and income is with an IT certification that pays the best, such as one that falls within a cybersecurity career path. As the world becomes more digitized, cybersecurity is becoming more in demand as companies are now using a variety of the latest privacy-enhancing computation technologies to protect data and meet privacy requirements.

While cybersecurity is big, there are numerous other IT positions that are also in high demand. Applicants and employees with IT certifications stand out from the pack as employers see them as motivated, dedicated and qualified workers. Employees with the most valuable IT certifications have the best chances of keeping their jobs, finding new jobs and serving as a leader in their field within their company.

Although IT training takes work, it’s worth it whether you’re interested in one of the network engineer certifications or one of the best computer certifications, always essential for servicing company computers. IT professionals who pursue certification quickly experience the benefits. According to Pearson’s 2021 Value of IT Certification Report, 91% of respondents experienced increased confidence, 76% felt greater job satisfaction and 28% earned a pay increase after obtaining a certification. Certifications were so worthwhile to employees that 86% expressed the intention to pursue additional ones, and 73% said that it more training was necessary to keep abreast of evolving technologies.

Employees who are certified are also more likely to be noticed by prospective employers. The Pearson report showed that 60% of IT managers are more likely to review resumes from job applicants, 66% believe candidates with IT certifications have a better chance of being selected for interviews, and 66% said employees with IT certifications produce higher quality work than their colleagues.

So here it is, the list of the top certifications of 2022.

Best IT Certifications of 2022

Earning an IT certification takes discipline and an ongoing commitment to the relevant IT training courses. Though all certifications have the potential to improve your pay, there are 20 that are commanding the highest salaries in 2022. Below are the highest paying IT certifications, which are based on the Most Valuable IT Certifications | Robert Half, published in September 2021 by Robert Half. 

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