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Providing beginner to advanced IT training for individuals, teams, government agencies, and enterprises, ExitCertified empowers participants to navigate the extensive technological landscape. With hundreds of courses to choose from and the largest guaranteed-to-run (GTR) selection of courses in the industry, students can enhance their proficiencies in a variety of areas ranging from programming languages and cybersecurity to cloud computing and data analytics.

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Guaranteed to Run (GTR)

ExitCertified has more than 700 instructor-led IT courses that are guaranteed to run no matter what.


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Government Training

Sourcing and managing IT training and certification for Federal, State/Provincial, Local/Municipal, and Higher Education departments present unique challenges. At ExitCertified, we’re fully versed in the administrative requirements of all levels of government in the United States and Canada.

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Enterprise Training

Empower your employees with the skills and knowledge they need to drive innovation, optimize technology usage, and meet your cloud transformation goals. ExitCertified can help you design a training program that addresses the specific needs and objectives of your organization. Upskill or reskill your team by scheduling a call with our training consultants.

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Train Your Team

To succeed today, your business needs people who are skilled as individuals as well as members of a highly functioning collaborative team. ExitCertified tailors training to your company’s objectives and customizes training materials to build on your employees’ current knowledge.

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Organizations that have certified workforces experience more efficient IT teams and quicker implementations of complex projects. Certifications are awarded by the vendors themselves or industry associations after candidates pass rigorous examinations that validate their knowledge, problem-solving abilities, and technical skills. ExitCertified is renowned for its comprehensive and industry-leading certification programs.  

Accelerated Learning

To help organizations upskill their workforce in a timely manner to meet business objectives, we offer customizable training solutions and IT bootcamps to quickly overcome daily challenges.

Customized Training

Private group sessions can be tailored to meet an organization’s unique needs. This means that non-relevant topics can be removed so participants learn exactly what they need. This means that rather than spending five days learning about one technology, participants could spend three days learning about it. Or they could spend four or five days learning about three technologies.  

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