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Confidence in Every Stage of Your Training Lifecycle

Consultancy, needs assessments, and training from a leading provider of IT courses and certifications. 

ExitCertified addresses your unique needs and delivers a continuous cycle of customer care and training that aligns with job roles, experience levels, and company goals. You’ll work with our consultants and subject matter experts so they can understand your objectives and can design, develop, and deliver custom-built technical training programs.

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Make IT Training Decisions Better, Faster, and Easier

Staying on top of IT training can be slow and difficult. You’re challenged to find out which courses are needed and where to go for training.
Get ahead of the constant change in IT. With ExitCertified, you have one source for your IT strategy, planning, and delivery.

Optimize your time and resources

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Consult with our IT training specialists who have an average of 15 years of consulting experience.

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Gain visibility into your IT skill gaps and track employee progress

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Build your IT team’s technology skills with hands-on instructors

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Adopt technologies faster 

Continuous Customer Care Cycle
Continuous Customer Care Cycle

Learn About our Continuous Training Cycle

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Once we understand your business objectives, we’ll talk with your IT stakeholders to assess what their ideal state of technology would look like. We’ll help them get as close as possible to that. We’ll help you choose courses that fit your corporate needs. And when applicable, we’ll recommend customized training so your IT teams can excel much faster than possible with standardized courses.

Companies that speak to us prior to committing to training are more likely to get better outcomes because we create a training roadmap that is aligned with their corporate objectives.  

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IT teams continually need reskilling to learn new skills so that they can do a different job and upskilling to learn new skills. For your IT teams to perform at the highest level, they need training to use your technologies in the most effective ways.

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Our Customer Enrollment Portal keeps track of employee training, budgets and more, streamlining management.

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Technology today mainly is centralized in the cloud, allowing you to do far more in far less time. We’ll work with you to develop, manage, and—when applicable—automate your applications, infrastructure, machine learning, data analytics, cloud native development, and IT teams to boost your productivity.

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Get all you need:

Top-down approach to learning
  • Tailored learning paths based on job roles
  • Course customization for commercial and open-source technologies to expedite learning
  • Program delivery of training solutions
  • Student registration and communication
  • Tools for students and stakeholders, simplifying training management and delivery
  • IT trainers with a passion for teaching
  • A partner to manage all your training needs from strategy to implementation

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Reduce your workload

We provide tools that simplify training administration for you and your employees.


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