Elevate expertise, enhance capabilities, and drive innovation through our comprehensive training programs geared for Federal, Defense and State and Local Agencies.

For over two decades, ExitCertified has proudly served the United States government, providing extensive training to more than 23,000 public sector personnel. Specializing in technology training and certification for Federal Civilian and Defense sectors, as well as State and Local agencies, we excel in delivering tangible results through customized training programs tailored to the unique requirements of the public sector.

At ExitCertified, we possess deep expertise in navigating the administrative complexities inherent in all levels of government. Our dedicated Government Education Solutions Consultants are well-equipped to craft personalized learning paths that cater to the diverse needs of every member on your team.

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Premier Choice for Federal Government IT Training

  • Explore our extensive catalog of courses covering a wide range of topics, providing a one-stop solution to fulfill all your IT learning needs, from foundational concepts to advanced techniques.
  • Stay ahead with comprehensive training in the latest technologies tailored specifically for Public Sector IT professionals, ensuring you're equipped with the skills needed to excel in your role.
  • Get certified with our specialized programs designed to meet and exceed Federal Government IT policies and requirements, providing you with the credentials necessary to navigate the complex regulatory landscape.
  • Access customized content crafted to address the unique requirements of the Public Sector, ensuring that your training aligns perfectly with your agency's objectives and mission.
  • Elevate your expertise with ExitCertified’s vendor-based technology training through strategic partnerships with industry-leading brands, ensuring direct access to cutting-edge technologies and resources tailored to Federal Government IT requirements.
  • Benefit from our unparalleled expertise in training procurement, guiding you through the intricacies of the process to streamline acquisition and maximize efficiency.
  • Simplify your procurement process with our range of contract vehicles, designed to make purchasing training solutions hassle-free and straightforward, so you can focus on what matters most—your mission.


Custom Course Development

Customer Enrollment Portal

Industry Certification Preparation

Instructor Led Training
• In Person, Virtual

Individual Training

Private Team Training

Skills Assessments

Tailored Learning Paths

  Core Curriculum Areas

CloudCentrix: An IT Cloud Training Suite Designed to Advance Digital Transformation

The CloudCentrix suite presents the different categories of commercial and open source technologies, as well as architectural techniques and practices, all of which ExitCertified teaches to help organizations get the most out of their cloud investment.

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Government Training Credits Program

By obligating Government training dollars early, you can secure the funds needed to invest in crucial skills development for your workforce. Taking proactive steps to allocate these resources, you are ensuring that your team receives the training they need to stay on top of the latest technologies and drive innovation. Additionally, early allocation of training dollars can help you maximize the benefits of these programs by providing ample time for planning and implementation, all while stretching your training dollars further.

Program Amount
Additional Credits
$10,000 - $24,999
$25,000 - $49,999
$50,000 - $99,999


  • Simplified up-front obligation of training funds
  • Added credits based on program amount
  • Take advantage of already discounted GSA rates
  • Enhanced employee development and performance
  • Strategic Planning and Flexibility - Apply funds across all products and services including:
    •   Individual Enrollments
    •   Group Training
    •   Customized Training Programs
    •   Upskilling/Reskilling Programs
    •   Certifications
    •   Coaching
    •   Consulting

FAR Guidelines

There is no need for solicitation. As per the procedures outlined in FAR 8.405-1(c)(1), a government customer can procure training credits (up to $250,000) by reviewing the price lists of two additional vendors, alongside the ExitCertified price list.

Obligate now, Consume Throughout 
Utilize funds from the current fiscal year to cover training expenses in the subsequent fiscal year, in accordance with the Comptroller General's Decision (B-238940).

GSA Pricing Available on ExitCertified.com

ExitCertified.com makes it easy to get the training you need with our GSA-approved price list. Here’s how you can take advantage of GSA pricing.

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Option 1: Buy online

Log in or register for an ExitCertified.com account using your government email domain. (We have an approved list of nearly 200 government email domains.) Once you’re logged in, navigate to the course(s) you’re looking to purchase and simply process the order. 

If you notice your price isn’t getting discounted at checkout, please reach out to us at customer-experience@exitcertified.com

(View our list of approved email domains). 

Option 2: Generate an online quote

Find the course(s) you are looking to get a price for and click "Generate a Quote" on the correct option. Next, complete your quote contact details and make sure to check off that you are “Eligible for General Services Administration (GSA) pricing.” Your quote will then be generated in a PDF.

  • If you’re looking for a complete GSA price list, use the request button below. 
  • If you are using a personal email domain such as Gmail or Hotmail, we recommend generating an online quote.  
  • For a step-by-step guide, please view our video: How to Generate a Quote
  • Please note: Your email domain is not required to be on the approved list to generate a quote with GSA pricing.

Option 3: Government Procurement Portal

Use our dedicated Government Procurement Portal, once registered users will have access to a catalog of courses preconfigured to use GSA pricing. We have an approved list of nearly 200 government email domains that can use this portal right away. 

(View our list of approved email domains). 

California Multiple Award Schedules (CMAS)

Maximize your training dollars now and save with the California Multiple Award Schedules!

Available to state and local government agencies in California.

A local government agency is any city, county, district, or other local governmental body, including the California State University (CSU) and University of California (UC) systems, K-12 public schools and community colleges empowered to expend public funds.

For state/local government inquiries, please contact Kelly Nevius.
Email: kelly.nevius@exitcertified.com 
Phone: 916.669.3975

Air Force Cool

Use your Air Force (AF) COOL funding to purchase the IT training from ExitCertified. The AF COOL is a Total Force enlisted program. The program is available to all RegAF, USSF, AFRES, and ANG members on Title 10 or Title 32 (502F) active duty orders. AFRES and ANG members not on Title 10 orders may receive payment from their respective components. Funding will not exceed a maximum of $4,500 per lifetime per airman.Speak with your direct supervisor to determine if you qualify for funding.

For Air Force Cool inquiries, please contact:
Email: USFeds@exitcertified.com 
Phone: 800-803-3948 ext. 2

Contact Air Force COOL Program Office
Phone: (334) 649-5115
Email: CCAF.cool@us.af.mil


Request your Tuition Assistance (TA) through the GoArmyEd portal, the online gateway for all eligible active-duty, National Guard and Army Reserve soldiers to request TA anytime and anywhere for classroom and online learning.

To Enroll an Individual

  • View our course catalog
  • Find the course(s) you are looking to get a price for and click "Generate a Quote" on the correct option.
  • Next, complete your quote contact details and IF applicable, make sure to check off that you are “Eligible for General Services Administration (GSA) pricing.” Your quote will then be generated in a PDF.
  • Submit your SF-182 through the GoArmyEd portal for management approval.
  • Once you have received approval for your course, submit your SF-182 to gsa@exitcertified.com
  • Once we have you registered for training, you will receive an email confirmation from ExitCertified confirming your registration.    
  • To request that a course be added to the portal, please contact gsa@exitcertified.com

See DoD 8570.01 and DoDD 8140.01 Training Requirements

To discuss public, private or custom training for government personnel or contractors, please contact our Government Education Services Team:

Email: gsa@exitcertified.com 
Phone: 1-800-803-3948 ext. 2

For any other inquiries, email sales@exitcertified.com  or call 1-800-803-3948 ext. 2.

ExitCertified LLC
Unique Entity ID: LCKBNYB4JWL1

DUNS: 07-221-8931
Cage Code: 3GKC6
NAICS: 611420 
Tax ID: 86-2303359
VA Facility Code: 25189605
CMAS#: 3-15-70-1763D