To succeed today, your business needs people who are skilled not only as individuals, but as members of a highly functioning collaborative team. With ExitCertified’s group training, you can make that goal a reality. Since 2001, we’ve delivered private and custom vendor-approved training to more than 2,500 companies and 60,000 students. Talk to us about your organization’s needs. A dedicated program manager will work with you to assess current skills and identify any knowledge gaps. From there, we’ll customize learning pathways to support your strategic goals. Plus, we’ll work with your team’s schedule to provide flexible training that won’t disrupt your day-to-day workflow.

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Not Sure How Team Training Works?

You need training that’s comprehensive, time efficient and cost effective – and ExitCertified delivers. And with an ExitCertified Flex Account, your company’s prepaid training comes with automatic discounts to bring even more value to your investment.

Train your team to provide employees with the diverse set of skills they need to improve their productivity. Our hands-on labs will challenge your team to apply these newly learned skills to meet the practical demands of your current and future projects

Your workforce might be located all over the world. We’ll train your team no matter where your employees may be located. We’ve invested in technology that delivers top-quality training wherever your people happen to be. Our proprietary Live Virtual platform gives your team fully interactive audio and video access to live classroom sessions. 

You can’t always afford the downtime of full-day training. That’s why ExitCertified offers flexible course delivery, such as half-day sessions, to ensure your critical jobs still get done. You can also bundle courses for a more concentrated bootcamp experience. ExitCertified will work with your scheduling needs to create a training program that meets your needs. 

Get Scalable IT Training tailored to your requirements

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Scalable IT training tailored to your requirements allows your organization to adapt and grow while ensuring your IT team’s skills stay on the cutting edge of the latest technologies.

Save time and money by training where you are

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Traveling for training is expensive. ExitCertified can save you time and money by sending instructors to the location that works best for you. Or we can host your group in one of our fully-equipped training centers across North America. With ExitCertified, the choice is yours.

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Ensure Your Organization’s Training and Certification Is Ready for Tomorrow

Let's talk about where you are and where you want — or need — to go when it comes to training and certification. Schedule a meeting with ExitCertified to discuss an organizational IT skills assessment, your training requirements, specific courses, and certification goals. These focused calls include insight and guidance from several subject matter experts.

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Why Choose ExitCertified

When you choose ExitCertified, you’ll never have to look for IT training anywhere else. We’re an award-winning training provider for dozens of leading brands. Your course content is certified and comes directly from the creators of the products you rely on.

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Our award-winning instructors have taught IT courses for an average of 17 years.
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Instructors have an average of 27 years of practical experience.
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ExitCertified students report 96% satisfaction with instructor presentation.