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Want the effectiveness of in-person training without breaking your travel budget? ExitCertified’s remote classroom training makes it easy. Remote classroom enables you to attend our live classroom courses remotely from any of our learning centers throughout North America. Our remote classroom sessions offer an interactive and reliable learning experience, whether there’s 25 students enrolled or just one. We know you’re here to learn, and that’s exactly what you’ll get to do. This means that more ExitCertified classes are available to you from the convenience of a nearby learning center — fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

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ExitCertified Instructors are based all around the world. No matter where they’re teaching, you can learn from them virtually through remote classroom in one of our many centers. Our award-winning, certified instructors are every bit as connected with you as they are with their in-person learners — you’ll have your questions answered as soon as you ask them, and you’ll be free to chat and share ideas with your fellow classmates. Together, you’ll work on lab exercises in a remote hosted environment. And any time you need help, your instructor will be ready to drop into your lab and take over your screen to provide assistance.
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Each remote classroom is outfitted with two large monitors. These high-definition screens give you a crystal-clear view of your instructor, as well as any materials being referenced. Your instructor has an identical high-definition screen, enabling them to see when students may need a concept explained in more detail. Instructors and students also communicate via a high-quality audio feed that makes it easy to ask questions and join in group discussions.
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ExitCertified’s Live Virtual lets you enjoy the immersive remote classroom experience from your home, office or anywhere there’s an internet connection.
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ExitCertified's Live Virtual (iMVP) environment gives you the opportunity to attend a live certified course from your office or home. It's a remarkable way to experience premium training when and where you need it.


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