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Mirantis Training Courses

IT organizations have embraced cloud technologies at an incredible pace. Those who first moved workloads into the cloud saw some benefits right away, but those who really embraced cloud native technologies like Docker and Kubernetes seem to be reaping the greatest rewards. Mirantis is a company that is dedicated to helping developers build, share, and run modern cloud native applications. ExitCertified is partnered with Mirantis to provide the best-of-breed training in Docker, Kubernetes, and Open Stack courses.


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Cloud Native

Mirantis Cloud Native Training Courses

Cloud native courses are designed for developers, administrators, and architects who deal with Docker, Docker Swarm, or Kubernetes. The entry point is the Docker Containerization Essentials class, followed by either the Docker Enterprise track if you’re using Docker Swarm, or the Kubernetes track. The Kubernetes track also forks into options for administrators (Operations) or developers.

Instructor-Led Classroom & Virtual
  • Cloud Native Operations Bootcamp (CN251)
  • Mirantis Container Cloud (CN211)
  • Mirantis Container Cloud (MCC) Bootcamp (CN254)
  • Cloud Native Development Bootcamp (CN252)
  • Cloud Native Platform Bootcamp (CN253)
  • Docker Containerization Essentials (CN100)
  • Docker Swarm Application Essentials (CN110)
  • Kubernetes Application Essentials (CN120)
  • Kubernetes Operations (CN220)
  • Kubernetes Engine (MKE) (CN212)
  • Secure Registry (MSR) (CN213)
  • Kubernetes Native Application Development (CN230)
  • Advanced Kubernetes Operations (CN320)
  • Advanced Kubernetes Security (CN330)

Mirantis OpenStack Training Courses

OpenStack courses are designed for developers, administrators, architects, and anyone who is tasked with using OpenStack as their cloud platform. Start with OpenStack Essentials and then move on to further classes in administration or development.

Instructor-Led Classroom & Virtual
  • OpenStack Essentials (OS100)
  • OpenStack Administration & Operations (Ussuri) (OS220)
  • Advanced OpenStack Deployment and Debug - Ussuri (OS320)
  • OpenStack Administration Bootcamp (Ussuri) (OS250)
  • Mirantis OpenStack (MOS) For Kubernetes (MOS210)

Mirantis courses prepare candidates for a variety of industry certifications, including the Kubernetes certifications maintained by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).